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Past events

(organised by Leuven.Inc since 2000)
December 2000 
19Fifth Entrepreneur's café
12Intellectual Property and Intellectual Capital in the Knowledge Economy
November 2000 
30Spin-offs: investing in the renewing economy - Gemma Frisius Investment Forum
October 2000 
24Technologische kennis verspreiden en verwerven via elektronische media.
18Your office in your pocket thanks to technology!
05Innovatief ondernemerschap: uitdagingen en succesfactoren
September 2000 
26Fourth Entrepreneur's Café
June 2000 
09In collaboration with Ekonomika Vlaams Brabant: Leuven.Inc and Smartmove
August 2000 
May 2000 
31Managing Innovation: new challenges, Prof.James Utterback (MIT)
July 2000 
29Info-session: Wegwijs in innovatie (Kortrijk)
24Visionary workshop: Ingebedde micro-electronische systemen verbinden de wereld
18Seminar: Copyright and patent protection for software
16Second Entrepreneur's Café
April 2000 
04First Entrepreneur's Café

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