Startup Weekend Summit

Are you a Startup Weekend alumni or organizer?
Heard about Startup Weekend and curious to find out more?
Active, or getting active in the startup world?
Want to get startup coaching and meet potential co-founders?
Want to network with entrepreneurs and community organizers?
Want to learn from startup experts in pop-up style workshops?

Then join us for Belgium's first ever Startup Weekend Summit!

This is a Belgian Startup Weekender re-union, an Xmas gathering and a co-creative day of learning and active networking!


We will start by sharing an overview of the challenges and opportunities in the Belgian startup scene, the major players and supporters, in the opening ceremony.
 Experts, coaches and community leaders from the startup world will be present and 30-45 mins pop-up workshops will be conducted during the afternoon using Open Space Technology (OST):

If you want to receive a particular workshop, come on stage and request it.

If you want to deliver a workshop or share a lesson, come on stage and propose it.

We’ll put the requests and proposal up on a wall for open voting and workshops with more than 10 people will get delivered!
This means that the topics that are most important to the participant pool will get discussed and will be addressed by the ones best capable of delivering on them!

There will also be a special Skills Marketplace with these 2 sections:

  • OFFER: the skills and value you can give
  • NEED: the skills and value you need (for any project)

You will be able to post and reply between the opening and the closing ceremony; Value exchange is much better that just networking.


KBC Headquarters, Brusselsesteenweg 100, 3000 Leuven, Belgium

Further details and registration

Please visit the website http://www.swsummit.eu/

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