EnergyVille Business Day

During the EnergyVille Business Day, specially organised for businesses in the energy field, we zoom in on EnergyVille's scientific value for the industry.

Afternoon Programme

In the afternoon we get started at 2PM in IncubaThor (Genk, Waterschei), with 4 parallel workshops on our main research fields:

Evening Programme

Around 17h we move on to Euroscoop (C-Mine, Genk) for an in-depth overview of the European energy industry. We start with an international focus (GE), followed by the large consumer's side (BASF), the grid operator (Elia) and the technology provider (NIKO). We finish with our own EnergyVille vision.

Moderator: Prof. Dr. Ir. Ronnie Belmans, CEO of EnergyVille

  • Dietmar Tourbier, GE: “Smart energy systems: R&D challenges from an international viewpoint"
  • Marc van Breda, BASF: “Efficient and flexible energy use: questions and challenges for the industry”
  • Jacques Vandermeiren, Elia: “The grid operator as facilitator for a sustainable energy system: challenges for new work forms "
  • Jozef De Backer, NIKO: “New products and services for a user-oriented energy system: research and development in partnership "
  • Bert Gysen, EnergyVille: “EnergyVille: a research centre at the centre of the sustainable energy transition"


  • Read this information online (nl)
  • Programme of the EnergyVille Business Day (.pdf)
  • Location: Genk - IncubaThor en Euroscoop
  • When: 20 October, 2PM
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