Breakfast Invitation Open Source and Patents: (im)possible?

Open source has been tremendously successful over the past decades. Why? What are the principles? How can your business benefit from it? How can you secure your inventions in an open source environment? This seminar will give you an introduction on how to capture your business value and/or your innovations in an open source environment.

Joren De Wachter kicks off by explaining why open source works, how it works and why it is so successful. He will give you practical insights into how your business can capture its value and how you can decide whether or not to make open source part of your business model.

Marco Box continues by questioning what the position of patents is in an open source environment and how you can secure your inventions in an open source environment. He will also explore how the open source principles work in a non-software biotope.


7:30-8:00 Welcome and breakfast  
8:00-8:30 Joren De Wachter: open source and business value  
8:30-9:00 Marco Box: open source and innovation  
9:00-9:30 Q&A  

Participation is free, but registration beforehand is very much appreciated. Please feel free to pass this invitation on to your colleagues.

Registration is open until 13 June 2014 via Ann van den Vonder, telephone +32 16 24 08 50 or email info@vo.eu. Please inform us of any dietary requests.



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