Leuven.Inc Visionary seminar: Energy storage: beyond the battery'

Organised by Leuven.Inc in cooperation with imec. Powered by EnergyVille.

Electricity is an essential form of energy, but it comes with an unfortunate characteristic: you cannot store it directly. So anytime electricity is generated, it has to be balanced with consumption. There are ways, of course, to store electricity indirectly. But until now, only a few technologies were available for this purpose, mainly pumped hydro power plants and traditional batteries.

With the current trends in energy generation, the need for storage is growing. Renewable energy sources are often unpredictable (e.g. solar and wind power) and may cause overloads in the power system. In addition, more and more cars are hybrid or fully electric and need batteries that can be recharged rapidly. In parallel, the number of off-grid mobile appliances has grown exponentially.

Luckily, in recent years, we have seen many new innovations in energy storage, some of which are ready to be deployed on a larger scale. They range from energy islands, over balance offshore wind power plants, to new types of batteries and bidirectional conversion of electricity into heat or combustible gas.

This seminar discusses the changing role of storage in the energy system and gives an overview of the state-of-the-art of small to large energy storage technologies.

Johan Driesen, Chairman of the programme, is professor at KU Leuven, specialised in power electronics and related applications in smart grids and electromobility. He is involved in EnergyVille, the joint research initiative of KU Leuven, VITO and imec on sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems. EnergyVille will be housed in a new building on the Thor campus in Waterschei, Genk, with extensive facilities for work in storage systems.

Practical aspects

Date: Tuesday 27 May 2014
Location: imec, room CAF -1A, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Heverlee
Parking at the overflow parking (via Gaston Geenslaan, 3001 Heverlee)
[download a routedescription to the location]


16h00: Welcome coffee
16h30: Welcome by Leuven.Inc
16h40: Introduction of the topic
Johan Driesen, Prof., ESAT - ELECTA, Electrical Energy KU Leuven & EnergyVille
Programme Chairman
17h00: Mechanical technologies
Role of storage in the energy system
  Hubert Lemmens, Senior Advisor, Elia Group
- Potential and kinetic energy
  Johan Driesen, Prof., ESAT - ELECTA, Electrical Energy KU Leuven & EnergyVille 
17h40: Compact thermal energy storage
Lucienne Krosse, Business Line Manager Energy Built Environment TNO
18h10: Coffee break
18h40: Hybrid chemical storage: Lithium Ion Capacitors combine energy with power
Jan Ronsmans, Product Manager - Energy & Environment JSR Micro
19h10: Chemical storage: Power-to-gas
Jan Vaes, Technology Manager Hydrogenics Europe
19h30: Closed chemical storage: batteries
Jean Scoyer, Chief Scientist Umicore
20h00: Q&A
20h15: Drinks and snacks

The interventions will be held in English.

Participation fee

135 euro (excl. VAT): members of Leuven.Inc - 175 euro (excl. VAT): all others
Special fee available for Master and PhD students affiliated to and billable by KU Leuven or other universities.  Please do contact us by e-mail.
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Registrations before Wednesday 21 May 2014 preferably via the online registration form (use the 'Register' button) or by email to admin@leuveninc.com (including all contact and invoice details).

After registration you will receive a confirmation and route description. The registration fee is payable after receipt of invoice. Cancellation after subscription is not possible. However, replacement by a colleague is allowed.*

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Hybrid chemical storage: Lithium Ion Capacitors combine energy with power - Jan Ronsmans, Product Manager Energy & Environment JSR Micro
The Lithium Ion Capacitor is an innovative technology which made its entry into the energy storage markets more than five years ago. In the meantime, it has evolved into an ideal commercialized solution for closing the application gap between Lithium Ion Batteries and Supercapacitors.  Combining energy and power with long-term life characteristics, lithium ion capacitors are already used today in hybrid buses, trams, hybrid excavators and power quality equipment amongst other applications. Due to its compact design, it is to be expected that the technology will also be implemented in passenger cars by the end of this decade. Further developments and high volume production will allow mass deployment of lithium ion capacitors in the energy storage market in the following years.



Copyright photo Energy-island: Nieuwsblad

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