Innovative solutions for predictive maintenance and performance optimization in industry


Laat je verrassen op 25 maart 2014 in de workshop Innovative solutions for predictive maintenance and performance optimization in industry.

Key note speaker Herman Baets, president van de  European Federation of National Maintenance Societies, werpt met ‘Operations strategy leads to an optimized maintenance support’  een blik op de toekomst. Negen toponderzoekers van FMTC, KU Leuven en VUB stellen de strategie, de opportuniteiten van de Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), de methoden en tools voor.  Projectleider Andrei Bartic, FMTC,  sluit de workshop af met ‘From predictive maintenance to predictive manufacturing – the Big Data challenge for industry’.

Registration of the participants

Welcome and introduction to the POM2 project (Andrei Bartic, FMTC)

Operations strategy leads to an optimized maintenance support – keynote presentation by Herman Baets, president of the European Federation of National Maintenance Societies and former director technical governance at BASF

  • The future challenges for the industry
  • How to manage reliability, availability, expansion
  • The challenges for maintenance and asset management in the “new” operating world

Low-cost sensors as key enabler for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance (Abdellatif Bey-Temsamani, FMTC)

  • Potential of low-cost MEMS accelerometers and how to select them
  • Adapted signal processing for MEMS accelerometers to improve their responses
  • The use of temperature sensors to predict bearing failures

Coffee break

Improved bearing lifetime prediction through modeling and calculation of the exact forces experienced by bearings under dynamic load (David Moens, KUL-PMA)

  • Techniques for estimating the actual force experienced by bearings using accelerometers
  • Validation of the force identification techniques in practice
  • Bearing rating life estimation in real operating conditions

Spot light session – each research group will shortly highlight the topic of its poster and demonstrator

Lunch, poster session and demonstrators

Prediction of remaining useful lifetime of industrial machinery (Beau Piccart, FMTC and Rocco Langone, KUL-STADIUS)

  • Expert knowledge inspired feature generation
  • Techniques for modeling complex machine behavior
  • Advanced predictive models for optimizing remaining useful lifetime
  • Online clustering and classification of vibration signals for early fault detection

Modeling and optimization of machine performance (Jan Lemeire, VUB and Adriaan van Horenbeek, KUL-CIB)

  • Assess robustness of data driven predictive models
  • Run-by-run process optimization
  • Multi-objective optimization of OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness)

Coffee break and poster sessions

Optimization of process and product quality using Evolutionary Operation methods (Koen Rutten, KUL-MeBIOS)

  • Smart run-time machine modeling
  • Sequential optimization of product quality and machine performance during run-time

Charge optimal control of battery driven equipment (Bovic Kilundu, FMTC)

  • Advanced battery discharge modeling
  • Energy consumption models for battery driven machinery
  • Design of a charge optimal machine controller

From predictive maintenance to predictive manufacturing – the Big Data challenge for industry (Andrei Bartic, FMTC)

  • Challenges of acquiring, processing and understanding large amounts of data
  • Predictive analytics: the enabler of Industry 4.0
  • Towards self-aware, self-learning, self-adapting machinery

Questions and answers

Closing drink

Practical arrangements

Date: Tuesday, March 25th, 2014, from 9h00 till 16h15.

Spoken Language: English

Participation: Free, budget provided by the IWT-SBO POM2 (100031) project. Registration is required: mailto andrei.bartic@fmtc.be or registration@bemas.org. A free sandwich lunch is included. Max 100 participants.

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