Business with China: 8 Golden Rules for your Trademarks and Patents

In the beginning of this month, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang announced to achieve an economic growth of 7.5%. Figures we in Europe can only dream of. For years, China's economy is growing strongly and the import and export between China and Europe will continue to grow. The import and export between China and Europe will continue to grow. For international companies it is increasingly important that they adequately protect their trademark and patent interests. This may also apply to your brand, design or innovation. To help you making the right decisions, V.O. China Desk organizes a seminar to which you are invited.

This seminar addresses the key issues of doing business with China in terms of intellectual property protection. Step by step, we will show you how your business interests can be optimally protected through an effective management of intellectual property (trademarks and patents). We also show you what measures can be taken against the importation of infringing products from China. All this will be illustrated with examples from legal practice and customer cases. For this event, V.O. cooperates with HFG Law Firm & IP Practice (China) and Customs Knowledge (the Netherlands).

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