Amorfix Life Sciences and reMYND announce testing agreement for the A4-Alzheimer's test

Toronto, Ontario and Leuven, Belgium - July 6, 2010 - Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd. (TSX:AMF) and reMYND NV today announced the signing of a partnership agreement to offer the Amorfix A4 amyloid testing service to reMYND's contract research clients. reMYND's contract research business offers an extensive portfolio of preclinical in-vivo efficacy, pharmacokinetic and safety testing of experimental Alzheimer therapies using proprietary mouse models of Alzheimer's disease (AD).

'We are pleased to be working with reMYND to offer our A4 services to their clients, together providing a comprehensive solution to assess efficacy of drug candidates for treating AD using their proprietary models' said Vigen Nazarian, Vice President of Strategic Alliances for Amorfix. 'This partnership is an important first step to accessing new clients as we build our AD services business'.

'The Amorfix A4 assay has demonstrated its ability to detect beta-amyloid aggregates much earlier than other methods, hence giving our clients valuable information as to the effectiveness of their AD drugs in development' said Dr. An Tanghe, Contract Research Manager of reMYND. 'The highly sensitive A4 assay detects aggregated Abeta in the brains of our Alzheimer transgenic mice before plaque formation, and thus coinciding with their early onset and clearly pre-plaque cognitive impairment. This is especially intriguing in the light of findings that soluble Abeta oligomers are significantly elevated in the brain of AD patients and correlate with cognitive decline.'

Amorfix will be promoting the A4 assay at the International Convention on Alzheimer's Disease (ICAD) from July 10 - 15, 2010. Please visit us at Booth 816 for more information on the A4 technology and on reMYND's CRO services.

About A4

The Amorfix A4 assay is an ultrasensitive method for the detection of aggregated Abeta that provides quantitative measurements of aggregates. The A4 can detect aggregates in plasma and brain tissue from standard animal models of AD several months before conventional microscopic procedures thereby accelerating the preclinical screening of new drugs for AD. The A4 is significantly more sensitive than current methods for detecting total Abeta and can be used in high-throughput applications designed to study the inhibition of amyloid formation.

About Amorfix
Amorfix Life Sciences Ltd. (TSX:AMF) is a theranostics company developing therapeutic products and diagnostic devices targeting misfolded protein diseases including ALS, cancer, and AD. Amorfix utilizes its computational discovery platform, ProMIST, to predict novel Disease Specific Epitopes ('DSE') on the molecular surface of misfolded proteins. Amorfix's lead therapeutic programs include antibodies and vaccines to DSEs in ALS, AD and cancer. Amorfix's proprietary Epitope ProtectionT (EP) technology enables it to specifically identify very low levels of aggregated misfolded proteins (AMP) in a sample. The Company's diagnostic programs include an ultrasensitive method for the detection of aggregated Beta-Amyloid in brain tissue and blood from animal models of AD, months prior to observable amyloid formation, as well as human blood screening tests for Alzheimer's and early liver cancer detection. For more information about Amorfix, visit www.amorfix.com.

About reMYND
reMYND, based in Leuven, Belgium, actively drives the development of disease-modifying treatments against Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease, either by its own Drug Discovery & Development or as a Contract Research Organization (CRO). reMYND's CRO offers an extensive scope of preclinical in-vivo efficacy, pharmacokinetic and safety testing in its proprietary transgenic mouse models of AD based on the APP-London mutation, including APP, APPxPS1, and APPxTAU models. reMYND tests treatments for AD for 3rd parties, and as such has provided in-vivo proof-of-concept data for several AD candidate drugs currently in clinical development. reMYND NV is a privately held company, founded as a spin-off company of Leuven University in 2002. For more information about reMYND, visit www.reMYND.com.

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