Investing for the future

Allard-Europe has been a reliable partner for companies around the world for many years. Every day, new cast parts are produced in our steel and iron foundry mill using the latest technologies and highly advanced machinery. Together with our team, we intend to continue to live up to our position as a market leader, which is why we are investing some 20 million euros in new machinery, buildings and capacity.

2009 - 2012 investment plan:
Model workshop: safer storage and management of all your samples and prototypes
expansion and improvement of the work floor and storage area

Foundry: higher melting capacity for heavier casts and a greater flexibility
increase of the melting capacity to over 37 T
reinforcement of the building structure for heavier travelling cranes
double capacity of the moulding shop, provided with a new mobile sand mixer
expansion of storage space for scrap and alloy elements

Fettling shop: better ergonomics for the well-being of our workers
installation of extractors at each grinding station with improved sound damping
installation of a turntable and manipulator for grinding/cutting of larger castings

Quality control: more space for a better product monitoring
purchase of an additional marking / testing table
extra space for non-destructive test research

New machining shop: additional machines for better service
new plant for the existing machining centres
new vertical turning and boring mill with 3.5 m turning circle (provided with spindle and double column design)
new 5-axes controlled milling and boring machine with machining length up to at least 10 m.

During this extensive investment period, you can of course continue to count on our full attention and service.
Meanwhile, please have a look at our website www.allard-europe.com, where you'll find the latest news about our company, our people and our activities.
We sincerely hope that Allard-Europe will remain your principal partner in the future!

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